Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our little Kindergartener is almost 6. Can you believe that?
We are still trying to get used to 5! Here's a picture of her new haircut.
Wow, short hair is so much easier to take care of!

This is the first smile that I got when I asked to take her picture!
What a cheeseball!
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A Picture Really Is Worth a Thousand Words!

It is amazing to me that one picture can totally sum up Benny's personality!
We were having lunch yesterday, and I looked across the table to find Ben putting a "Hamband" in his hair.
Of course, in true Benny style, he is bright-eyed and filthy!
On another note, we hit a new low the other day in the DeMotte household.
We thought Ben climbing in the toilet and hanging out there was pretty bad (you remember the picture???),
but the other day as Ben was "admiring" Jake's use of the potty, he decided to dunk his head in WHILE Jake was peeing!
You can't even make this stuff up!
We love you dearly little man!
You certainly keep things interesting.
As one of my friend's always says, "You are going to have to make friends with the principal for that one!"

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Our Little Man Dan!

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Our little Monsters had a great night!

Enjoying the "fruits" of their labor!

My favorite picture of the night

This is usually what happens when I try to get a picture of all four kids!
At least they are all physically present.
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