Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Little Foxes Game!

Benny put on a real show tonight! He had the whole student section cheering him on!

Jake did a fantastic job with all of his dribbling skills!

Our Littlest Fox!

The Whole Crew!!!
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Our "Little Foxes"!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post these. The boys had a fantastic time at their first "game" (they perform their dribbling drills on the perimeter of the court at the halftime of the varstiy game). They both love basketball. It was great to watch them. True to their personalities, Jake did exactly what he was supposed to do and Ben just did his own thing! I only posted two videos. It took so long for them to upload!

Dan is Mobile!

Sorry about the orientation! I can't figure out how to flip it.

The Older Three!

Maria "reading" to the boys! Too cute!

Movie night with the Fiscus kiddos and popcorn! Of course, Kung Fu Panda was playing!

We went to the Children's Museum today, and they had an exhibit with real Steelers gear for the kids to wear. The boys were in heaven!
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Benny! Ahhh, Benny!

With Dan turning 1 soon and Maria in school now, Ryan and I have been talking about how quickly the kids are growing up and all of the things that we will miss. Ben keeps coming to mind. His adorable two-year-old ways will be greatly missed!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ben. He is always dressed up as something, although you could never guess what because he puts his "outfits" together himself! This particular day he is a fireman! His shoes are always on the wrong feet too...just part of his charm. And talk about things I will miss, how about those chunky toddler legs??? Gotta love 'em!

Another great Ben moment. At Maria's birthday party he decided to play Santa. We all got ot sit on his lap and tell him what we wanted for Christmas. Aunt Jenny wanted a new house (she was in the middle of buying a new house). Ben asked me every ten minutes for the rest of the night if we could go to the garage and get Dad's real tools so he could start on Aunt Jenny's house!

Another Ben classic! Again a fireman, but this time he had on "earwax" (earmuffs) so the fire wouldn't hurt his ears, and a tossel cap to pull over his eyes so the fire won't burn them. He then proceeds to put the cap on (over his eyes, of course) and walk into the walls! The gloves have become integral to the fireman outfit. They also double as football player gloves, so they see a lot of action!

Oh, that smile! We love you Benny!
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Christmas Day 2008! Presents! Presents! Presents!

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