Sunday, March 8, 2009

Seuss on the Loose!!!

All of the Kindergarten classes at O'Hara Elementary performed "Seuss on the Loose" on Friday.
It was an adorable medley of singing and Dr. Seuss books. Each class memorized a different book and recited it with props and dancing.
All six of the Kindergarten classes learned three Seuss-inspired songs and sang them for everyone.
It brought tears to my eyes! Maria had the time of her life! It is hard to believe we will be watching Jake do it next year!

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Benny Turns 3!!!!!

We had a fun "basketball" party for Ben last week to celebrate his 3rd birthday!
He had a blast playing basketball with all of his friends and family and got a lot of basketball clothes as gifts.
Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us! All of the "Aunts" were definitely missed...Jessie, Connie & Jenny!

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