Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun Around The House!

The boys have been obsessed with this little robe from Aunt Jessie. It has become a favorite "dress up" item!
I have to admit that Dan looked the cutest in it!!!

One morning I found Dan all curled up in the toy shelves.
Well, of course, the older three thought that was hilarious and had to try it out for themselves!

So, Ben is in a MAJOR sword phase right now. It is hysterical! He carries them with him at all times,
and he insists on holstering them in his underwear! Note the sword coming out of his pants at the bottom!!!

Did I mention we are in a big sword phase now??? At the moment he is "fighting crime"!
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My sisters and my dad visited over the weekend, and as wonderful as it was to see them, the MAIN ATTRACTION is featred below! Let me introduce you to the little man I lovingly refer to as my "Luscious Chocolate Marshmallow"! Baby Raj was here for 3 days, and it was pure heaven! What a beautiful and perfect baby!!! Thanks for making the trip guys, it did Aunt Bonnie's heart good!

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New Haircut!



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A Whole Family of Super Heros!

Can you guess who is behind the Spidey mask???
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