Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Ben!

Ben is 4! He loved his sports bag and sweatbands from Meme and Papa!

The Pirate outfit was a huge hit too!

"Just Dance" for the Wii was a big hit for everyone!!!
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Reminder Please???

Maria lost her tooth a couple of weeks ago. After three days of reminding me that the Tooth Fairy "forgot to come", she kindly leaves me the message below...

Thank you, dear daughter, for being patient with your mother!!!
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The Baby is 2!?!?!?!?!?

Dan's birthday brought 22" of snow, so his party was "delayed"!
That didn't stop him from enjoying his "happy cake"!
We love you Baby Dan!
I guess we will have to stop calling you that now!

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Toes Glorious Toes!

I LOVE this picture, but I realize that it probably appeals more to me than anyone else!
The photographer took a similar picture a few months ago, but a few of the kids had socks and shoes on.
The mother in me just loves their feet!!!
I will have to do an updated version next fall!!!
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Our Second Seuss!

We were so proud of our little "Seuss" during his class performance.
We love you, Jake!!!

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