Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DeMotte Hockey!

Seeing Ben in this hockey gear makes me laugh hysterically!
He has on Maria's Barbie skates, Tae Kwon Do shin guards, his T-Ball shirt over football shoulder pads, and his gladiator helmet from Christmas. He INSISTS on getting into this "gear" for every hockey game. Oh Benny, you are too much!

The basement games were getting a little crowded, so we moved the crew outside to the school's parking lot.

Not the most intimidating, but she sure can skate well!

Jake as "Sigmus Crosby"!!!
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The Grossner Family said...

Hi Bonnie! Yours is truly the "sports blog"! Hopefully ours will be one day too! Hope you're feel well! Have a great week!

Hetrick family said...

AWE-some!!! Your kids are too too much. I am thinking I better just get their autographs now. I can't even imagine the sports schedule your mini van is going to have to keep through high school!! And Ben totally wins best always!! :)
P.S. Where is my boyfriend?

The Fiscus Family said...

Oh Ben, What are we gonna do with you? Seeing him in full gear at Jake's party just took it to a whole new level!!!!