Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School!!!

Ben always likes to walk them to school!

It was a great summer. I will sure miss the kiddos today!
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Hetrick family said...

Oh my...they look so darling. Jake totally looks like a little Ryan! :) And Maria...your outfit is amazing!!!!
I appreciated the ever sporty Ben chauffeur as well. What a great crew you have Bon!! :)

The Fiscus Family said...

Love it!!! They sure look ready :) Can't wait to hear how the day went for them! Hope you continue to check things off your list!

The Grossner Family said...

Love the one on the road/driveway :) So cute!! Waiting for baby pictures!!! ...when you have time :):):)

Maiken Summer said...

Hehe this girl had a cute and funny t-shirt:)

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Praveen RS said...

Cute Childrens and they are enjoying

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Chef Paramjeet Bombra said...

cute kids hahahah i remambered my school days

James Hadley Chase Jr. said...

LOVE the kids. reminds me of my childhood days growing up in the orchard. my dad had a nice house in the centre of our orchard. i love summer butterflies. enjoy yourselves kids.

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Panharith said...

Love it!!! They sure look ready :)

แตกใน xxx

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